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Since 1999, we’ve been servicing small and midsize businesses in the Los Angeles area. It has been our goal to improve computer system availability, efficiency, performance, and security from each staff member’s desktop/laptop all the way through backend infrastructure.

Our in depth understanding of computer systems, cloud computing, and real business - coupled with our obsession with technology and efficiency has allowed us to deliver hundreds of real solutions to businesses in many different business verticals. Our expertise will empower your IT department or become it.

Leveraging the support of our partners like Microsoft, Dell, Barracuda, VMWare, and Veeam, we design, install, and maintain computer networks that will work hand in glove with your business processes.

We build long-term relationships with our customers. At Castellan, we firmly believe that, a sale is not the end of a transaction, but the beginning of a powerful partnership.

Hormazd Dalal CastellanHormazd Dalal

Hormazd Dalal’s narrative is a compelling blend of technological innovation and profound humanity. Born into an entrepreneurial family and educated in England, Hormazd’s journey unfolds as a rich tapestry of bold decisions and heartfelt commitments. His academic roots, a bachelor’s degree in business from the prestigious University of Southern California, laid the groundwork for a career distinguished by daring ventures and empathetic leadership.

At the age of 22, Hormazd’s entrepreneurial spirit soared when he obtained the exclusive rights to distribute FIAT cars in Pakistan. Despite facing stiff competition from Japanese automakers and limited support from FIAT, this venture marked a significant milestone in Hormazd’s illustrious career. Far from discouraging him, these challenges only fueled his determination to excel.

In 1999, Hormazd pioneered Castellan, driven by a mission to simplify the complex domain of information technology for businesses. Under his stewardship, Castellan became a forerunner in cybersecurity and cloud computing, enabling clients to leverage technology for business enhancement. The company’s triumph is anchored in profound technical knowledge and an unwavering pursuit of technological excellence. This expertise is not just lent to enhance IT departments but often becomes the IT backbone for many businesses, mirroring Hormazd’s dedication to partnership over mere provision. Today, Castellan stands as a testament to Hormazd’s conviction that technology should be a universally accessible and empowering tool for all businesses, irrespective of their size.

In his personal life, Hormazd’s commitment mirrors his professional dedication. A devoted family man, he resides in Los Angeles with his wife and three children, each pursuing their own unique passions. His eldest son is carving out a path in Jujitsu and aspiring to open a gym in the San Fernando Valley. His middle son, a decorated lieutenant in the United States Air Force, and his daughter, who is pursuing a career in psychology, further reflect the diverse interests nurtured in the Dalal household.

In an era frequently overshadowed by technological progress, Hormazd stands out as a visionary leader with a heartfelt approach. His work at Castellan transcends mere technical prowess; it reflects his unwavering commitment to empowering businesses of every scale. Hormazd Dalal is truly a ‘Man of Distinction,’ revered not solely for his professional accomplishments but for his deep and lasting impact on the community. An invaluable asset not just to Calabasas and Southern California but to the global stage, he personifies the very essence of leadership, innovation, and sincere dedication.

Mikey SodetaniMikey Sodetani

In the fast-paced world of IT consulting, Mikey Sodetani is a highly sought-after expert, known for his exceptional dedication and innovative approach to solving problems. As a managing partner at Castellan, a leading IT services firm in Calabasas, Sodetani has become a standout figure in the Los Angeles area.

He is celebrated for his work at Castellan, significantly improving the computer systems and
technology strategies of small and midsize businesses, always with a clear focus on producing real, noticeable improvements. Sodetani’s ability to understand and meet the needs of his clients has made him a key player in enhancing the effectiveness of business technology throughout the city.

Born in Hollywood and raised in Moorpark, Mikey Sodetani’s life story is a rich tapestry of leadership roles. Mentored by Hormazd Dalal, founder of Castellan, Sodetani has dynamically crafted his expertise, channeling it towards developing impactful and client-focused IT solutions.

In his role, Sodetani has been instrumental in steering Castellan through major technological evolutions, from the early days of smartphones to the current complexities of cybersecurity and cloud computing.

His strategy extends beyond technical acumen; it centers on deeply understanding client needs and crafting solutions that not only resolve current issues but also drive future growth and efficiency. This results-driven approach has been key in building enduring, value-based client relationships.

Sodetani’s varied interests, including his dedication to Krav Maga, reflect a personality that thrives on diversity yet remains focused on achieving concrete results.

His discipline as a 2nd degree black belt and global martial arts instructor mirrors his professional ethos: targeted, disciplined, and constantly aiming for excellence. A devoted family man, Sodetani’s personal life, including his role as a father, and soon-to- be father again, adds depth to his professional drive, infusing his technological endeavors with a sense of balance and humanity.

Sodetani’s exceptional leadership at Castellan is marked by his unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding results for clients. His innovative approach to each project continues to redefine the landscape of IT consulting, further cementing his status as a trailblazing leader in the industry.

Our Mission

To provide technical business solutions; knowledgeable and easy to understand support; with incredibly reliable and trustworthy service. We will empower your IT department – or become it.

Business Philosophy

Conventional wisdom says that most companies need computers to succeed in today's fiercely competitive business environment.True enough - as far as it goes. Unfortunately, the simple presence of a dozen or so computers in your small company won't mean much - unless they are used to their full capacity.

But what exactly does full capacity mean? And how can you achieve it without spending a fortune?

That's where Castellan comes in. Most systems integrators start by telling you what you need to solve your communications problems and end by selling you expensive systems you probably don't need.

Not Castellan. We begin by listening to you explain how your business operates, what its communications problems and bottlenecks are, what needs to be done to make it more efficient - and therefore more profitable.

Only after learning all this will we suggest solutions to your communications problems. Solutions that will be within your budget. Solutions that will fit your company's operation. Solutions that will work.

Then we'll create a plan - specific to your business - to implement those solutions. We'll also recommend hardware and software, work with you during installation and on training your people, and help you get your communications system up and running.We'll also offer you a support plan so that we can be available to answer your questions and to help with troubleshooting.

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