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WiFi Networking

There are many advantages to using a Wi-Fi internet connection in a corporate setting. The challenge that most businesses face is that they have a large number of people needing to use wifi to access online material as well as printers and fax machines within the office building. Don’t let the intimidating set-up process change your mind about the benefits of using WiFi. Castellan provides Wifi Network Management for companies in an around Los Angeles, California. 

Below we share our thoughts on why wifi is a must in today’s corporate business structure.

A Wi-Fi connection helps companies access the internet, transfer files and access printers.  It also helps in the growth of business being a very fast connection. The benefit of not needing any wires helps us get rid of any clutter behind the desktop or laptop. With time these wires might wear out and would involve cost in replacing them. But in case of this wireless connection, this cost is totally avoided.

Using WPA or WPA2, and even MAC, these days seems to be the best encryption methods available as secure options. Moreover, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) should approve the Wi-Fi connection. Nowadays, IEEE 802.11b and 802.11g are among the two standards available through which a recognized Wi-Fi connection must be approved.

As we know, this wireless networking technology can be used in various wireless devices, which includes laptops, mobile phones and personal digital assistants (PDA). Hence it is extremely important that the connection is secured to prevent the misuse of any of our personal devices or personal data for that matter. If it is unsecured it makes it easy for hackers to easily access information from our computers, which is something none of us would like to risk. Along with a secured connection, it is advisable that we protect the Wi-Fi connection using a password. This would help prevent anyone from using our monthly hours or the broadband limit, which is simply great. The best part is that once the password is set we would not need to enter the password each time.

A secured connection is not affected by adverse weather conditions. Here we are safe such that heavy rains or windy weather does not interrupt our work.

The best part however, which I personally like is that no one access our personal information if it's a secured connection. Earlier we always had to worry about our personal data on a broadband connection because the speed with which we access the Internet gave a fair chance to hackers. So a secured Wi-Fi connection protects not only important information but our personal devices as well.

Using secured wireless networking connection, which of course means that it has password-protected access, helps in giving access to only the people who are authenticated to use the internet service. It helps in limiting the misuse of the internet access by any other person who might take advantage of unsecure internet connection for illegal or even personal purposes and thus, increasing the cost of the internet usage if measured in volume.

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