Free Microsoft Exchange Spam Filter Appliance
Chris Willis, Castellan Inc.

This spam filter started life as an entry at VMware. It was done by Redbudcomputers, obviously a talented bunch.

Since VMWare server is a free product, Castellan decided to setup a virtual machine that will block spam, and offer it s a freebie.

The appliance from Redbud was very similar to our own spam filter, but with a much easier configuration script - the redbud appliance only takes about 5 minutes to setup. Castellan has modified this spam filter based on our production experience, and presents it as a free download. It will do ldap integration with active directory, so it is the ideal filter for exchange 2000/2003/2007 installations.

A bunch of these on cheap celeron boxes makes a great MX farm (3 Dell Dimension Workstations for $1000), giving you plenty of redundancy for safely accepting incoming email.

The only 3 Windows OS that work well with VMWare server (and all the others we deploy) seem to be Win2K3 Server, Win2K Server (sp4), or WinXP Pro (not home) SP2. Everything else seems to crash & have network problems.

userid: root
pass: password
webmin userid: admin
webmin pass: password

Modifications include (but are not limited to)

This actual VM is in use at several Castellan Client sites, and it is working very well. Easily blocking 90% (95%+ with the Exchange IMF) of spam at this point (if you install the appliance with a setting of 6.31), with a 5 minute configuration. There is a lot of administrator-level documentation included in the appliance. Please take time to read all the docs, and investigate EACH LINK from the index.html page of the appliance.

A typical install in an Active Directory/Exchange environment would be similar to: create a DNS entry for the appliance in DNS; create a user in active directory for LDAP lookups on the appliance; install VMWare; unzip the appliance; read the DOCs; run appliance and follow script instructions, if ldap lookups fail, then setup the ldap vbscript to push email addys to appliance.

Download location - 682MB zip file (you may have to click a couple of times to get it to download)
Blacklist/Whitelist Editor - this is the current build for just the editor itself - under 200kb - there are many bugfixes in this build
Dot Net 2 - this is required to run the blacklist editor


Read all the docs, and look at the source for each script. That is the real cost of a free enterprise spam filter - you need to spend 2 hours of time going thru all the docs before even thinking of trying to implement in production.