We Offer Services For All Of Your IT Needs

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IT Consulting

Castellan’s IT Consultants build network systems for businesses that can grow as the company grow. Within a network, challenges will arise, but Castellan’s team is committed to disaster recover after component failure is fast and efficient.

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Enterprise and Small Business

No matter how large or how small your organization might be, every network should be scalable, secure, stable

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Network Management

Castellan provides network management solutions for companies of every size. Network management requires organizing all the computers in a company to have a place to share and store important documents and information, making work flow easier and smoother. If you are managing a larger organization with a large number of computers, network management and network maintenance can be overwhelming. Employees at Castellan have gone through extensive training and have the expertise to solve any network services issues that may arise.

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Web Design and Development

Creating a web presence is both an art and a science.